Sogimi Group is the Italian leader in processing and distributing cellular foams and plastic sheets.
Having gained a 60 years long-standing experience in foam conversion, strictly grown up with the best manufacturers worldwide, today Sogimi is also one of the most important and well organized Group around Europe;
mass transportation is a core market in which the Group believes, so aviation has become the focal point.

Sogimi is specialized in 3D conversion of very high technical foams (PE, PVDF, PU), compliant to FAR/CS 25.853, suitable for noise reduction, vibration damping, sealing and soft parts for seats to improve the comfort sensation and lighten the weight in cabin interiors.

Thanks to the conversion capabilities, to the production process all-under-the-same-roof and its engineering departments Sogimi, through the subsidiary Tekspan Spa, is able to manufacture soft paddings for aircraft seats, focused on customized elements for MRO small series and replacement for business class seat, VIP cabin and executive recliner.

Tekspan Spa has been working since 2013 under the quality system management EN 9100:2009, achieving in 2017 the new standard EN 9100:2016.


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